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Why can't i add tasks in the gmail gadget?


I'm running Google and have been using this gadget all along and with my gmail. Now, however, I cannot add tasks but can add projects & add notes to existing tasks. I switched over to Explorer and was able to go to Todoist and add tasks with no problem. But with the Google version, when I hit add task, nothing happens. Please help.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 08, 2012 - 06:14 UTC

Hello Jack,

please clarify - are you referring to the iGoogle widget or to one of our browser plugins (Todoist for Chrome, Todoist for Firefox or Todoist Anywhere)?

Also, please tell me which browser are you using and if clearing the cache solves this issue.

Best regards,

Jack Murphy
Replied on Mar 08, 2012 - 13:44 UTC

I use Todoist for Chrome ( I think). It shows up as an extension. Is that the same as a gadget? I use the Google browser and no, clearing the cache made no difference. Thanks.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 08, 2012 - 18:14 UTC


please tell me:
- Which version of the Todoist for Chrome plugin are you using (this can be found in the "Extensions" section in the options, should be 1.85)?
- What operating system are you using?
- Which version of Chrome are you using?
- Have you installed any ad- or script-blocking plugins lately?

You've said that when you click "Add task" nothing happens. By default, the "Add task" link should be red, and underlined when hovering over it. If you click on it, is it still red (as a link) or grayed out. Are you referring to this link or to the "Add task" button in the task input box (if so - is is clickable after you click on it once) or to the "quick add" option (the plus icon in the top-right corner)?

Best regards,