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q: substring search


The fact that q: only matches whole words limits its utility dramatically. Wildcards don't work either.

I guess this might be addressed if decent filtering is ever implemented. The completion rate for Votebox is pretty dismal making me doubt if Todoist is actually actively developed ...

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 28, 2012 - 09:52 UTC

Hello Nick,

thank you for your suggestion, we appreciate it and will consider adding such feature in future development..

I can assure you, Todoist is being developed very actively, we're expanding our business by hiring more developers and working on multiple features right now. However, the biggest step in Todoist's development which we're currently working on is the most anticipated request to make Todoist fully offline capable, we are rewriting the whole app so it can work on HTML5 and use its offline browser caching capabilities.

That said, since this feature requires lots of changes in Todoist's structure (from the coding point of view), once this transition has been finished, we will be able to add more requested features while working with the new offline-capable code.

We're sorry for the delay, we are aware of the amount of requests and try to implement these features in the most efficient order which wouldn't require further delays.

Best regards,

Nick Bell
Replied on Jan 28, 2012 - 09:56 UTC


Richard Warnung  premium
Replied on Jan 10, 2013 - 09:06 UTC

I would like to use woldcards too ... I agree that the use of "q:"
is rather limited if I have to remember the excact word ... I will look into the votebox for this.