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Printing Options: How to print ALL of my information entered


How can I print my entire list of projects and tasks, regardless of whether or not a project has a task associated with it?

For example, many of my Projects (clients/categories) may not have an active task at the moment. On my desktop, when I select "View All Projects", only those projects with active tasks (and the associated tasks) appear to right. That is acceptable because I can still see the full list of projects on the left hand "window pin bar". However, when I select "print," only the list on the right prints, thereby excluding all projects without tasks associated. How can I truly print all?

Also, is their a way to export my data to excel, etc. so that I can perhaps tailor another report with it and get it to print in a different format?


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 06, 2012 - 15:01 UTC

Hello Collins,

unfortunately, currently it's only possible to print a complete task list with the "va" (or "viewall") query which will not display empty projects, but thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it and will consider adding such option in future development.

You're welcome to add a request to our Votebox:

Also, it's not possible to export your Todoist data to an Excell file (feel free to vote for this request as well: http://todoist.com/Vote/showProposal/30/ ), but you could go to the va or viewall query and then use File -> Save Page As... in your browser to save the current view (and then even print it using your browser's Print option accessible through the "File" menu or using CTRL+P).

Best regards,