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For some reason, I'm adding a task on my iphone, but it doesn't save


I've now added the same task 7 times, and it doesn't seem to want to save it.

I've synced in, and although the project stays there, the task doesn't.

Is there a bug with setting tasks on the iphone app?


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David Trey staff
Replied on Jan 05, 2012 - 03:39

Hello Jonathan,

please tell me - are you using our native iOS app or the Todoist mobile site?

Also, at which point exactly does this issue happen:
- Do you add a task while being offline, then connect, sync and it disappears on the phone, but appears on the site?
- Does the task disappear already when you add it before you sync?
- Are you online when adding the task?
- What exact due date format are you using with these tasks?

Best regards,