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Reminders on re-occuring tasks?

Can I set reminders on re-occuring tasks? If so, how.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 13, 2011 - 05:47 UTC

Hello Alex,

yes, you can set reminders on recurring tasks.

There are two types of reminders you can use:

1. Absolute - these can be set for every task, regardless of recurrence. To set an absolute reminder, hover over the task name, use the gear icon on the left side of each task and chose "Reminders" from the drop-down menu. If the task doesn't have a set due time (only a due date or no due date at all), you will only have the option to set an absolute reminder and you can use every recurring date format supported by Todoist (please refer to this list: https://todoist.com/Help/timeInsert).

For example, if you have a task due "every wednesday" and would like to be reminded about it each tuesday at 2 pm, you can set a reminder to "every tuesday @ 2pm".

Alternatively, instead of using the "Reminders" menu, you can simply type <remind ev tue @ 2pm> within the task name, but please make sure that you've chosen a default reminder service (Email or SMS for Premium members) in Todoist's preferences.

2. Relative - this option is only available if the task has a due time (for example: ev day @ 6pm). You can only set up a relative reminder through the drop-down menu mentioned above and it will allow you to be reminded a set amount of minutes, hours, days or 1 week before the deadline.

Best regards,