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Outlook addon auto focus


Is it posible to turn of addon auto focus. right now is imposible to use some features like add mails from outlook with todoist button, becouse when mouse pointer hower over todoist, autofocus close add menu.
And todoist sometimes get focus even thrue other application if mouse pointer hower over it.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 21, 2011 - 10:01 UTC

Hello Saulius,

unfortunately, it's not possible to manually switch off the auto-focus in the Todoist for Outlook add-in.

We are aware of some issues with Todoist stealing the focus, especially if it's snapped to any other fixed position than the default right side of the Outlook window and we will fix them in future updates of this plugin.

Sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused you.

As for the issue with adding emails as tasks, you should be able to add an email even without opening the message just by selecting the email in your Outlook inbox.

Please tell me:
- Which version of Outlook are you using?
- Which operating system are you using?
- When exactly does the "add email" option disappear? The moment you hover over the plugin when you've selected an email or when you try to click on the link?

Best regards,

Replied on Nov 22, 2011 - 13:06 UTC

I'm using Windows XP, and Outlook 2007.
Also sometimes "add project" in ad-don not working. Did not appearing naming window. in this case I'm adding new project in web version, but then i must re log to update add-on in outloook.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 23, 2011 - 17:28 UTC


please tell me:
- When does it happen that you can't add a new project?
- Does it happen always from a specific view or search result?

If you encounter this issue again, please try to access this site: http://todoist.com/?mini=1 using Internet Explorer and tell me if it doesn't work there either.

Best regards,

Joel Majka
Replied on Dec 16, 2011 - 09:08 UTC

I also have the problem where Add Project does not work in the add-in. I have to use the web. Using Outlook 2007.

The mini=1 URL does work in IE. The add-in does not work.