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Can I deactivate automatic reminders?


Hello guys

I am thinking about going Premium but I have doubts concerning automatic reminders:
In your description it says that every task with a time (or also with just a date?) will get an automatic reminder 30 minutes bevor. Now I use the date/time field also to organize which tasks to do when during the day and am a little afraid I will be overwhelmed by reminders.
Long introduction, short question: Can I deactivate automatic reminders?
Also: Can I change how long, before a task is due, I will be reminded of it?


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 14, 2011 - 06:21 UTC

Hello Paul,

as a Premium member, you will be able to go to Preferences -> Reminders and you will see a "Default reminder" option allowing you to choose:
- Email
- Mobile Phone
- No default reminder

If you choose the first two options, each task with a due time (not just a date) will automatically get a reminder of 30 minutes before its due time sent via the default method (Email/SMS) which you can remove after you add the task by using the gear icon -> Reminders and clicking the trashcan icon.

If you choose "No default reminder", though, you'll never get an auto-reminder (even if you add a time-based task), but you will still be able to add one manually using the gear icon -> Reminder.

As for your second question - by default, the reminder will always be set to 30 minutes before due time if you choose a default reminder option and don't change it manually for a task. If you add a reminder manually or try to change it, you'll have 2 options:

1. Absolute reminder - which can be added to any task even if it doesn't have a fixed time. Such reminder can be set using a Todoist supported date format (even recurring). For example, if you have a task with a due date: "every 5" (every 5th day in a month) and would like to receive a reminder 3 days earlier at 13:00, you can set an "Absolute" reminder to "every 2 @ 13:00". You can even add multiple reminders to one task and use both methods - Email and SMS.

2. Relative reminder - which can only be used for tasks with a fixed time. Such reminder can be set to:
- 10 minutes before deadline
- 30 minutes ...
- 45 minutes
- 1 hour
- 2 hours
- 3 hours
- 1 day
- 2 days
- 3 days
- 1 week
and you can also add multiple reminders and mix the Email and SMS methods.

In fact, for a fixed-time task, you can add multiple SMS and/or Email reminders using both - relative and absolute times.

Best regards,

Paul Sterk
Replied on Oct 14, 2011 - 06:54 UTC

Great answer! You might want to update the info non-Premium users get, though...
I guess there is nothing standing in my way of going premium now, thanks!