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I´m a frequent Todoist user, almost all day.
I even have my daily schedule organized in your platform, which I have it separated by their current hours. And depending on the priority I have some hours in different colours, but organized in their own time.

Lately I´m having my scheduled disorganized, since it´s automatically being organized by priorities.

How can I disable this automatic priority organization. It´s time losing, having to re organize the schedule every few days.

Thank you,

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 03, 2011 - 12:56 UTC

Hello Javier,

if you access a particular project, you can use the gear icon in the top left corner and choose "Sort by date".

In the "today" view, all tasks should be sorted by date/time as well.

Please tell me:
- In which view are you experiencing this issue?
- Are you referring to tasks with the same due date and time but different priorities?

Unfortunately, in some search results like the "today" view, for example, multiple tasks with the same due date and different priority will always be displayed with the highest priority on top.

As a workaround for the project-view, you could add a single minute for some tasks in order to be able to sort them by date. For example, instead of having 3 tasks scheduled for 18:00 with different priorities, you could set them to: 18:00, 18:01 and 18:02.

Best regards,

Javier  premium
Replied on Oct 03, 2011 - 13:58 UTC

Hello David,

Thank you for the reply. I´m working on a particular project, I just set it to Date on the upper left gear button.

I hope this helps, because I´ve been using this schedule inside a project for over more than a year now, and this just happened two times over the last week. Never had this problem before.

I´ll let you know if it happens again.

Best Regards,