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format for date on next week - Todoist shows two types or it is bug?


For example, today is 15.09.
I create Task1 22.09 @10:00 (next week)
I create Task2 23.09 @ 9:00(next week)

So Todoist shows me :
Task1 - Thursday (seems to be this week)
Task2 - 23Sep @9:00

Is this a bug?
Thank You.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Sep 15, 2011 - 05:58 UTC


this is not a bug, Todoist uses primarily the name of the day (if the upcoming event is due within 1 week counting from today), then the full date.

In your example, the first date is set properly for the next Thursday, if it was this Thursday (today), Todoist would simply say: "Today @ 10:00". If you would set up the same task yesterday, it would say "22 Sep" because there would be another Thursday "in the way".

The second date doesn't say "Friday", though, because there is another Friday before the due date - tomorrow. Therefore - from tomorrow, you will see "Friday" until next Thursday (23.09) when the first task will show "today" and the second "tomorrow".

Best regards,