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Move Email (Outlook)


Hello -

I am testing use of Todoist in Outlook 2011 in the situation where Gmail is IMAP'ed into Outlook. (I have not downloaded the most recent Todoist update for Outlook).

When the email is in the Gmail Inbox (i.e., within Outlook via IMAP), I use "Add email" to create a task. I am able to access/reopen the email by single-clicking the entry in the Todoist list.

I then move the email from the corresponding Gmail Inbox to the folder which holds related emails. After the move, I am unable to open the email by any type of clicking on the list entry.

Email created into tasks from a POP3 account and an Exchange account can be opened from the Todoist task list entry. It would appear that I am unable to open IMAP email after moved from the inbox.

Is this IMAP performance expected? I would like to be able to file emails after placing them in the task list.

Thank You,

- Brent