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What is the difference between 'completed' tasks and the 'history' function?


I am a new subscriber and wanted to clarify the difference, if any, between these terms.

Also.... Do the completed tasks/projects ever get deleted permanently (or automatically)? If so, is that based upon time, space limits, number of completed tasks, etc?

If not, then I should expect to be able to view them with a search, right?

Thanks for your help with this question...

-- Paul

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 30, 2011 - 11:39 UTC

Hello Paul,

both - a completed task and a task "moved to history" end up in the same place - on the completed tasks list accessible at the bottom of the page. The only practical functionality of the "move to history" feature is:

1. If you have a task with multiple sub-tasks, you can move a single sub-task to the history (otherwise you'd have to complete the main task along with all its sub-tasks in order to get them on the "completed" list).

2. You can archive a recurring task which you can't really check off as it will only push the due date by the x amount of days depending on the formula you've used.

Completed task are never deleted automatically. You have to manually click on "Delete completed", you will get a confirmation popup asking you "Are you sure you want to delete all the completed items?" and once you choose "OK" all tasks on the "completed tasks" list within this project will be deleted permanently.

You will be able to search completed tasks by their name (not by label) using the "q: taskname" query and will see them as "History items".

Best regards,