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Production bug?


Hi, the application seems currently bugged for me (from the 13.00 of today more or less, before it was working flawleslly), the problem i have is JavaScript.

Loading is not defined
[Break On This Error] Loading.show();
1201332 (line 66)
AmiTooltip is not defined
[Break On This Error] AmiTooltip.showSimpleText($('img_logo'), 'Refresh current view');
1201332 (line 73)
isHttps is not defined
[Break On This Error] if(isHttps())
1201332 (line 83)
initTodoist is not defined
[Break On This Error] initTodoist();

did something happen?

I am on FireFox 5 Win Xp.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 27, 2011 - 16:48 UTC

Hello Emanuel,

please go to Tools -> Advanced -> Network tab. If you see todoist.com on the lists of sites that have stored data for offline use, select it and click "Remove".

Also, clear your browser cache and/or force-reload the page using Ctrl+F5.

If none of it helps and you continue to experience this issue, please tell me:
- Did you install any new plugins lately?
- Are you accessing Todoist directly or through a plugin/add-on?
- Does the issue also occur in other browsers?

Best regards,

Replied on Jul 28, 2011 - 02:17 UTC

Hi David,
I access via web browser only.

i deleted the cookies
i deleted the offline data
i tried out on different browsers

But as soon as i log in i got stuck in the loading... page with the JavaScript errors shown above.

Possibly i disabled and re-enabled the FireFox flash plugin in between requests (to test a thing in our website).

Since it all happened out of nowhere i'm starting to think that the issue is within the data i have stored (the actual todo's i saved).

Any ideas?
Thank you very much,