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How do I forward emails to Todoist list?


I downloaded google chrome and purchased the premium todoist service. When I click on Add Email in Todoist box and my email is open, nothing happens. Am I missing a step? What can I do to forward emails to my task lists? However, I do not want to lose them from my inbox.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 26, 2011 - 07:24 UTC

Hello Barbara,

if you want to send e-mail tasks, please go the project you want to send tasks via e-mail to and click the envelope icon in the upper right corner. You'll see a unique e-mail address linked to this particular task. Use it to forward e-mails to your task list.

If you want to add a link pointing to a particular e-mail to your task list, though, please log in to your Gmail account, open the particular e-mail you want to link to, go to a project and then click "Add Email".

If none of this works, please tell me:
- Which of the above functions are you referring to?
- Which version of Chrome are you using (Preferences -> About Chrome)?
- Which plugin are you using? Todoist for Chrome or Todoist Anywhere?

Best regards,