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nokia n8 apllication


is there a Nokia n8 application for this ?

if not it would be nice if there was an app in OVI store for Nokia N8 that i could synchronize with the site and be able to read even if i am not online.

i think this service has a lot of potential and can go a long way.

have you ever considered a feature that would allow people to make grocery lists ( add items and items details like prices and quantity and when they are shopping and check items it gives them a total of how much they spent ect . and that would allow them to select items from a predefined list that they can up date with prices or make their own list ect . i have the idea i just wish i had a way to implement it :P

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jun 13, 2011 - 05:44 UTC


right now, beside the Todoist mobile https://todoist.com/m/ , all available apps are 3rd party solutions, but we're already working on applications for smart phones.

As for your other idea - thank you very much for suggesting it, we appreciate it and will consider it in future development.

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