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Problem with "Today"


Often, I will not complete a task on time and wake up the next morning to review my todoist and there will be items left under "Yesterday."

I open the item to edit it, and the due date default field says "Today." I click Done, but it doesn't move it to "Today." It remains in the "Yesterday" folder.

I tried again manually typing in Today and selecting Today from the pre-filled options, but none of those changes the list it is in.

The only way I can change it is to go to the calendar and select today's date (see problems with doing that in previous question) and that works, but it's counter intuitive to have go through that process.

It would be better if I could just go through the first route - opening it up, it has a default "today," and move it.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 22, 2013 - 15:21 UTC

Hello Zach,

Thank you for your report, we do indeed block the date from changing in such situations to allow you to edit the task's content and other properties without having the date changed so if you'd like to modify a task that should stay scheduled for a certain date, allowing this would always update the date and you would have to retype it to recreate its original state every time.

That said, you can either use a different format to retype it or, preferably, leave it overdue. Checking it off once you complete it today will also move it to tomorrow just as if it was due today and having tasks overdue can even increase productivity and allow you to keep track of tasks you've missed and should be done ASAP (being overdue). Please check this article on our blog for more information: https://todoist.com/blog/2013/06/3-ways-to-drastically-improve-your-productivity/

Best regards,