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Veterans with Short-Term Memory loss


I'm a Vietnam Era Vet with short-term memory loss due to both PTSD and Agent Orange exposure (Diabetes). There are tens of thousands of us! Remembering passwords, telephone numbers, appointments, promises made, and "where the F****** did I leave my keys" are a sad, but brief list with which we contend on a daily basis.

Lists are the glue that hold many of us together. The simpler, the better. We aren't going to remember we have a tool like todoist tomorrow, or in a day or two. For us quite literally, outa sight, outa mind. Smartphones and tablets (I use iPhone and iPad2) provide benefits of incalculable value to us, and todoist is an invaluable tool.

So my question: Have you configuration suggestions that we might find useful in our day-to-day lives?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 24, 2013 - 19:16 UTC

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for your feedback, we're happy to hear that Todoist helps you so much.

As for some feature suggestions, the one we would strongly recommend are - reminders. Even when you have a task scheduled for a certain day, if you forget to check it, it won't be helpful, but if your phone will get a notification (with a sound and/or vibration), you'll never miss anything.

There are two types of reminders:

1. Absolute reminders which you can set by typing <remind today at 2pm> within the task's name and it will work whether the task has a due date or not.

2. Relative reminders - these could be even more helpful as you don't have to specifically set them up. All you need to do is to have a time in the task's due date, such as "every day at 8:30" and this alone will set up a reminder automatically to "30 minutes before deadline".

You can choose the default reminder method through Settings -> Reminders on the web-app at https://todoist.com

Another great feature would be task notes to keep track of things like phone numbers. You could create a project just for that and have tasks such as "Phone numbers" and within this task, you can add multiple notes just as a reference. You wouldn't have to ever complete this task or set any date to it. We're currently have a feature on our Android app which makes it possible to click on the phone number to dial it right away, we'll implement it into the iOS app soon.

Best regards,