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Indented task errors on "today" and "7 days" view


Indented tasks that has a due date (but who's parent task doesn't) shows up in the "today" or "7 days" view indented under any random unindented tasks that's also in the "today" view.

If I mark the unrelated parent task as complete, it would mark the indented task as complete as well.

Furthermore, in certain instances (even if I don't mark any task in "today" as complete) when I move back into Project view, the wrongly assigned indented task remains indented under the unrelated parent task.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 13, 2013 - 12:34 UTC

Hello Serena,

Please note that on the "today" or "7 days" views across all our platforms, all tasks who meet the search criteria are displayed. That is - regardless of indent level, every task or sub-task is shown there. On the web-app, if a task is a parent, you have the option to expand its child tasks for a reference.

However, completing a parent task on this list should not complete sub-tasks that aren't assigned to it. In other words - completing a parent task will automatically complete all its sub-tasks, but no other tasks that aren't its sub-tasks. Also, the order of the display of these tasks does not represent the relation of the tasks/sub-tasks on this list. On the web-app, the indent level is not shown at all and we will change this display on the iOS app in future updates as well.

I've just tried to reproduce the issue you've described and completing the parent task always caused all its sub-tasks to complete along with it, but of course the sub-tasks on this one parent as they're set up within the project.

Best regards,