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iPhone labels

the labels in the iphone app don't appear to be working;

1) I set checkmarks inside the label chooser inside the task editor, when I go back to the task editor, the labels are not present in the labels selector box. So, I can't create a label with the iPhone app.

2) I create one in the web version, but then....

3) When I select the labels from the left panel they don't show up and even the counter is missing.

4) I quite the iphoneapp; relaunch, resync and also nothing happens.

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ferreira.rui  premium
Replied on Jan 10, 2013 - 15:09 UTC

PS: I'm running iOS 5, on iPhone 4S, that might be it, but I intend to do run iOS5, as long as I can, with all the google maps issue and all.

If this is version issue, you should fix this on iOS5.