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iPhone labels

the labels in the iphone app don't appear to be working;

1) I set checkmarks inside the label chooser inside the task editor, when I go back to the task editor, the labels are not present in the labels selector box. So, I can't create a label with the iPhone app.

2) I create one in the web version, but then....

3) When I select the labels from the left panel they don't show up and even the counter is missing.

4) I quite the iphoneapp; relaunch, resync and also nothing happens.

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ferreira.rui  premium
Replied on Jan 10, 2013 - 15:09 UTC

PS: I'm running iOS 5, on iPhone 4S, that might be it, but I intend to do run iOS5, as long as I can, with all the google maps issue and all.

If this is version issue, you should fix this on iOS5.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 10, 2013 - 15:13 UTC


Please follow the steps exactly as mentioned below:
1. Tap on the @ sign to see all labels, tap "Manage labels" and "Add label".
2. Create a label using a name without spaces.
4. Enter a project, add a task with this new label.
5. Save the task.

You should see the label displayed below the task name. Now, when you tap on the @ sign, you will see the newly added label and can tap on it to see all tasks that use this label.

Best regards,

ferreira.rui  premium
Replied on Jan 10, 2013 - 15:27 UTC

I've followed the steps and its created the label okay.

Then I could not delete the one I've done earlier; the old label was in a weird state, didn't show anything and could not be deleted.

What I did was to delete the whole app and resync again.

Be advised there is a bug in the label creation.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 10, 2013 - 15:53 UTC

We would surely like to fix the bug, but to do so wee need to know how exactly it can be reproduced. What other steps did you take to create the label before? Also, did it contain any special characters?

Best regards,

ferreira.rui  premium
Replied on Jan 10, 2013 - 16:12 UTC

I've been able to create another ghost label, I think it has something to do with creating/deleting/editing labels without getting out of the "Done Editing" label mode and going into the task editor and change things there, going back and forth, setting label, deleting it, it creates a ghost one somehow.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 10, 2013 - 18:07 UTC

Unfortunately, I still can't reproduce this issue. I've added a new label through the iOS app, but did tap on "Done editing". I've added a task with this label and both the task and the label appear on the web-app. Then after tapping on done editing, the label can be searched and returns the correct task.

Please tell me - do the labels you create have any special characters? What's th exact name of the label that triggered this issue?

Best regards,