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Encountered a Bug on iOS using Filters

I just started using Todoist today, and I'm pretty excited that it may just be the balance of simplicity, full-featuredness, and elegance that I've been looking for.

So far, I've encountered a few buggy instances that have given me pause:

The biggest is that I created a Filter called "Waiting" on my iphone, and it just won't behave properly. I cannot apply that filter to any task - it will just show up without a filter on it. Even though the filter behaves properly on the mac desktop app, tasks that have the "waiting" filter will not show up under the "filter" list on my ios app.

I suspect that I may have confused things, since I initially named the filter "Waiting For," ala GTD. It then showed up as "Waiting_For." I tried to change this to eliminate the offending space, but I am also unable to delete this filter from my Iphone. Next, I'll try deleting it from my desktop app, syncing, and creating it again on the desktop app. All other filters work just fine.

The other bug I saw was that when trying to rename filters (actually, it was the same one I just mentioned), there were some false duplications of filters on my list - "Phone" would show up multiple times, for instance.

Thanks for your help!

Oh, one other question, while I'm on a tear: any chance you'll consider something like an "inbox" for unassigned tasks? I'm OK without it, since I still use pen and paper for that purpose, but I was curious.

Thanks again,

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 09, 2013 - 12:37 UTC

Hello Rock,

Please clarify - are you referring to filters which are queries that you can use to search for tasks, for example: "today, overdue", "7 days" etc. or labels which can be attached to tasks?

Labels cannot have a space in their name. Please clarify exactly what issue you're experiencing, how do these labels behave incorrectly? For example, if you go to the "Labels" list, do you see this label listed there? If you try to select it while adding a task, is it listed there as well? Does it get added to the task before you save the task and then disappears or is it not visible already right after selecting it?

As for your second question, you can create a project called "Inbox" and add tasks unrelated to other projects to it.

Best regards,

Rock Tree
Replied on Jan 09, 2013 - 20:52 UTC


Thanks for your quick response.

I think I misused the terms- I was refering to Labels, ie "Phone," "Email," etc. The ones that are designated with the @ symbol.

Good suggestion, I'll set up the Inbox project. Any chance there's a way (or could be in the future) to delegate that as my default project for all new tasks?

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 09, 2013 - 21:42 UTC


Please clarify - are you still experiencing this issue? I can't reproduce it, here are the exact steps I've taken, please let me know if you've done something differently (everything has been done through the iOS app):

1. Tap on the @ sign to see all labels, tap "Manage labels" and "Add label".
2. Create a label called "Waiting For".
3. The labels has been auto-renamed to "Waiting_For" (as label names can't have spaces within it).
4. Enter a project, add a task with this new label.
5. Save the task.

At this point a new task have been created correctly with this label and it appears with the label both in the iOS app and the web-app. The label can be searched on both platforms and it returns the one task correctly.

Best regards,

Rock Tree
Replied on Jan 10, 2013 - 01:46 UTC

Ok, I tried what you just said and it looks like I'm in good shape. Thanks for your speedy and helpful responses.