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Tasks does not highlight when selected in a list.

When I have the app open and I tap on a task in the list, the options appear at the bottom and function correctly, but there is nothing in the user interface indicating which task I have selected (I.e. the selected task or tasks remain the same color). On the Android widget I see a change in the background color (becomes more reddish) when selecting a task.

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Colin Sullivan  premium
Replied on Dec 10, 2013 - 18:20 UTC

Phone: Desire HD
Android version: 2.3.7
Android Distribution: cyanogenmod-7.0.2-ace

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 10, 2013 - 20:00 UTC

Hello Colin,

Please tell me:
- In what view does this happen exactly?
- Could you please send us a screenshot showing this issue to david@doist.io and brendon@doist.io ?
- If you have an option to test it on a "stock" Android distribution, please let us know if the issue persists there too.

Best regards,

Colin Sullivan  premium
Replied on Jan 07, 2014 - 18:47 UTC

This happens within every view that displays a task list. It does NOT happen on the todoist widget, only in the app itself.

Screenshots emailed!

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 07, 2014 - 20:27 UTC


Thank you for the screenshots, this issue will be addressed in the next updates.

Best regards,