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why one of my every day task skip one day?

a have an every day task set at 8 am. now for example, at 7:30 pm my task it's missing from tomorrow list. yet i see it on next day list.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Dec 08, 2013 - 20:39 UTC

Hi There,

To clarify, you have a task with a due date of "everyday at 8am" or you have a due date of "everyday" and you add a reminder for 8am?

So, you create this task, then you look at the task list, and it's missing from today, but is available for tomorrow?

Or did you not complete it within the correct time? If you had it due at 8AM, and missed it, and completed it later, it would move to the next occurrence, being the next day.


otil lee
Replied on Dec 09, 2013 - 07:35 UTC

I have a task with "everyday at 8am" due date. But i complete it after 8am, so probably this is the *enigma.
I have another problem. The "every n days" comand it's not working on iphone 4s yet its working on android phone or tablet .
Thacks for your prompt reply!

Have a wonderful day

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 09, 2013 - 13:14 UTC

Hello Otillee,

Regarding the first issue - although Todoist displays times, it never considers them when it comes to task completion. That is - if you complete this task today at 6am or today at 9am, it won't matter, it will always move to tomorrow when you do so.

Please clarify exactly how this task behaves so we can try to reproduce this issue. You set a task due "everyday at 8am" and then what happens exactly? It shows us as "tomorrow" the moment you save it?

Regarding the second issue - I can't reproduce it. I've added a date to a task through the iOS app: "every 3 days", it got due today and upon each check-off was moved 3 days forward.

Again, please clarify - how exactly does this task behave in your case? How is it rescheduled upon completion?

Best regards,

otil lee
Replied on Dec 09, 2013 - 15:59 UTC

I'll start with second problem:
On iphone 4s, I create a task and put an due date "every 2 days". When i press done button I get a popup message: error invalide date. Try dates such as today, monday at 11, every day..."
On the other hand same steps made on android samsung s3 or tablet works just .

About first issue, it was my fault. I checked completed on iphone and without sync (the wifi was of) I again checked complet on android for the same task, same due date. When i sync first checked was for today, second was considered for next day. That's why my tomorrow task was missing.

Thanks for your patience,

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 09, 2013 - 17:12 UTC


Unfortunately, I cant reproduce this issue. I add a task, type in a name, type "every 2 days" within the due date field, tap on "Done" and it gets added correctly.

Please tell me:
- What version of our iOS app are you using?
- In what language are you using your phone?

Best regards,

otil lee
Replied on Dec 09, 2013 - 17:25 UTC

Iphone 4s, IOS 7.0.4

I use my iphone in english. I try it on roumanian, same problem. Same error.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 09, 2013 - 17:34 UTC

Are both of your phone's settings set to English? There's the language setting which will define in what language you will see the app and the "Regional setting" which will define in what language our app will want to expect due dates.

If your regional setting is Romanian, then the app (which supports Romanian) will expect you to type in a Romanian date. The Romanian equivalent of "every (N) days" is "din (N) în (N) zile".

Best regards,

otil lee
Replied on Dec 09, 2013 - 17:42 UTC

I use English by default. On all my devices. Plus if I create a task with "every 2 days at 7pm" than try to change in iphone , the hour for ex, "every 2 days at 8pm" I receive the same error message

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 09, 2013 - 20:07 UTC

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this issue, this date does not seem to return any errors in the latest version of our app. Please try to delete and reinstall the app and see if it helps.

Best regards,

otil lee
Replied on Dec 10, 2013 - 05:00 UTC

Same problem after reinstall.
Anyway thanks for efort. I can use this date due on my android.

Despite of this I do consider that this app is the best. Easy to use but complex, full of features.

Have a beautiful day,