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reminders and syncing issues


OK, I am really growing tired of syncing issues for tasks initiated on my Android device. It's really frustrating as I rely on Todoist to make sure I don't forget ideas/tasks when I'm on the go.

Two major issues:
- Sometimes tasks initiated from the phone do not appear on the website. These tasks are also very likely to disappear from my phone on the next sync (either manual or automatic)
- Setting reminders in the phone doesn't do anything. For example if I follow the provided instructions for quick reminders and set something like this:

"Pills <remind me at 9pm>"

Instead of seeing the reminder in the task I see the full text that I just entered. Please see these screenshots:


I'm using the latest version of the Android and have tried logging out/logging in couple of times.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jun 13, 2013 - 11:22 UTC


We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the recent syncing issues, they have all been fixed now and you should no longer experience them. Please try to delete the app and reinstall the latest version.

If you continue to experience them, please tell me:
- Which version of Android are you using?
- What are the exact steps to reproduce this issue (that's required for us to be able to identify the cause of this problem)?
- Is there any pattern to when this happens, for example - always when you're offline, always when you're at your workplace on your work WiFi etc.?

Regarding reminders - they do work, but the correct syntax is: <remind at 9pm> and not <remind me at 9pm>, please remove the "me" in this syntax.

Best regards,

Rafael Bianco
Replied on Jul 01, 2013 - 15:10 UTC


I have the lastest update (1.2.10 android 2.3.7) and got this issue today.
In past days I was unable to access my home internet (thanks to my ISP). I added more than 10 tasks, marked others as completed and so on. When I became online and tried syncing I LOST all my work in my Android.
It's a lot disapointing you pay for a application that can't simply sync your data correctly.

For information, my procedure was:
- connected my Android to my job's wifi network, sync seemed ok.
- access my account through web application, but my new data weren't there.
- try sync again and again on my android, and my web application didn't getting my new data.
- after a few syncing, without success to get my data on web application, my android's app lost all data, syncing data from web to my android, deleting local data.
- in this procedure I didn't add any data on my web application.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 01, 2013 - 17:28 UTC

Hello Rafael,

We're very sorry to hear that, we've placed multiple mechanisms to prevent any data loss (unless the cache is cleared before sync), but there is unfortunately a limitation to how many changes can be made before the oldest change starts to get overwritten if not synchronized. The limit is large, though and hundreds of changes would have to be done.

Please make sure that you're using the same Todoist account across all devices. If you do, can you reproduce this issue in any way? Can you add a task now while offline, sync it and is it being lost? Have you tried to access Todoist through another browser to make sure if these tasks are really lost or searched for them through the web? Unfortunately we can't reproduce this issue so far.

Best regards,