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Widget not refreshing itself


Maybe this is a feature, not bug, but I need to ask:

The widget where I can choose to see different views like "Today" or "Next 7 days" - is it suppose to update itself by any chance?

'Cause I'm still staring at the Today view saying "these are your tasks for April 3rd". In order for me to really see todays' (April 4th) tasks, I need to switch to another view, and then back again.

Looking at the time, I think by now (16.30 local time) the widget should understand that it is actually April 4th. If it's not technically possible for the widget to automatically update itself (ie due to restrictions in Android or something) - could you please add a refresh icon next to the "add task" icon in the top of the widget?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 04, 2013 - 14:51 UTC

Hello Magnus,

This may be caused by the fact that automatic synchronization is only available with Todoist Premium. Please tell me - if you don't change the view in the widget, but access the app and use the circular "sync" button at the top - can you then see an updated view in the widget?

Best regards,

David Hoang
Replied on Apr 05, 2013 - 16:19 UTC

Hello Mr. Trey,

I have a similar problem. I am trying Todoist Premium, and I don't notice that the sync happens automatically. Even if I open the app, I don't see the updates occur until the app syncs with the server.

So for example, if I make a change on the web, my widget does not get this update. How long do I have to wait, or should it be instantly? Do I need to make some other change on my account to support this?

David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 05, 2013 - 16:53 UTC


Please clarify if these are the exact same steps that you follow as that's how I've tried to reproduce this issue to no avail:

1. Open the Todoist app
2. Edit a task's name
3. Go to the screen with the widget

At this point I saw the new edited name of the task without having to manually resync anything (the app synced automatically right after I've made the edit).

The second test was:

1. Go to a certain project through the widget
2. Open this project through the web
3. Edit a task within this project

At this point I saw the changes in the widget about 6-8 seconds after the change has been saved on the web.

If this doesn't work for you please try to go to Android's Settings -> Apps, first clear Todoist's data and cache, then uninstall it and then reinstall the latest version from the PlayStore.

If this won't help either and you can reproduce this issue in a different situation, please provide a description of what steps you take to trigger this issue.

Best regards,

David Hoang
Replied on Apr 05, 2013 - 17:09 UTC

Hi David,

The first case works fine, no issue there if I update directly from the App. The issue is the 2nd case, where if I update on the web, the widget does not update automatically.

I tried going to a project, update on web (changed name), and even after 1 min, the widget did not pick up the updated name. I'll check again without opening the app after a while and see if it updates.

I also tried moving a Task from Tomorrow to Today, no change on widget.

I had already tried clearing the cache and uninstalling it before trying it again. If you have another solution to try or another scenario let me know.


David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 05, 2013 - 17:28 UTC


Please try to open the Todoist app and then go to the screen on which you have the widget and try to repeat the process (but don't access the app after you make changes on the web, just open it once so that it would run in the background).

Also, make sure that you're using the app version 1.0.5, your phone is connected to the internet during this process and that the web-app is online and there is no orange triangle in the top-right corner of the web indicating offline mode.

Best regards,

David Hoang
Replied on Apr 05, 2013 - 17:28 UTC


Okay, I checked 5 minutes later and did not notice an update. But I just checked again after 20 mins and notice both changes I made was updated. The name change, and the date change on another task. I don't know how yours updated so quickly, but I guess that'll do until things improve.

Thanks for your assistance, and sorry about hijacking the thread. I thought it might help the original poster that I had a similar problem.

Magnus Hedberg  premium
Replied on Apr 07, 2013 - 16:54 UTC

"Please tell me - if you don't change the view in the widget, but access the app and use the circular "sync" button at the top - can you then see an updated view in the widget?"

Yes I can, updating the app also updates the widget. And since I'm not a Premium user (yet) the widget isn't suppose to update it self. Problem solved (but I still wish for a refresh icon in the widget, though).

David  premium
Replied on Jun 05, 2013 - 20:05 UTC

I'm having the same problem. The widget appears to freeze and does not update. Changing the view (such as from "Today" to "Next 7 Days") also does not update the display in any way.

I'm using a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 05, 2013 - 20:09 UTC


There has been a new update pushed out that should address this issue. Please update to this version when it shows up on your Play Store (1.2.3)