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Galaxy Nexus / Running 4.0.4

1. How does the mobile app compare to the web version of Todoist?
I like it a lot. Great xfer from desktop to mobile. I'd like the ability to customize the start screen on mobile, similar to desktop. It asks if I want to go pro, however, I have a pro account.

2. What you think of the user interface? Is it easy to use? Great

3. Did your mobile and web-based to-do list sync properly? Yes

4. Did you notice any bugs in the app? Going back and forth between lists and then that stopped working. After navigating a few projects/lists I then would choose another list but it would not change from default start screen.

5. What features would you like to see in future? Widgets and ability to share a list with another todoist user (I've used wedoist a lot and like todoist better but would like to share a list with my wife)

Is there anything else you want to say your experience with the app? Overall GREAT job. Keep up the awesome work!

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David Trey staff
Replied on Sep 08, 2012 - 02:35

Hello Andrew,

thank you very much for your feedback,w e appreciate it.

Regarding point #4 - can you reproduce this issue multiple times? If so, what exact steps do you take to trigger it? Is there any particular amount of project (or other views) you need to go to to trigger it or does it happen after accessing a particular project or view?

Best regards,