GMail Questions
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Todoist business
Glitchy Menu Pane
No notifications received by the team - In all platforms - Gmail,Mobile (Android,iOS) & Web (Chrome extension)
is there a way to get email on day task is due?
Gmail pop up too big, can't minimize
ToDoist Extension for Inbox by Gmail
Gmail plugin not working
New ToDoIst Window Won't Minimize
Remove a link from the task name created via Gmail plagin?
Add task button not functional
Unable to drag and drop from today task list to a particular project. I saw it done on the video but am unable to do it.
Email does not open from Todoist desktop app
Quick Find - show just fisrt result
how to edit how long the task takes
early morning alert not welcome...
Support for Inbox by Gmail?
How can I edit or delete projects and labels?
I made verjon up to premium ant I paied but it still nomal plan
Change size of Todoist Pop-up box in gmail.
How do I integate todoist with my google calendar?