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Location Notifications Not Syncing between Web and Android apps
More Timezone problems?
Digital concussion fdjf dog testudo insisting Christi ghetto dygjgfffdy thigh Gucci highlights gaudy haggard traffic high-risk hunch fdjf frigid
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Programar dia y hora para recordatorios en Android
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Task duplicated one task 260 times
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Note Editor
Feature request: Android Home Screen shortcuts (not Widgets)
Material Design feedback and suggestions
Add project with the new in-line task parsing
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Sync Not Working at All
Synch issue
Quick Add Icon
Can you please remove the dummy text in thewhenever I go to type a new entry? What on earth where you thinking? It just scrambles my mind in a hurried moment when my mind is already scrambled, and the whole reason I'm using your app is to help to simplify and organise my thoughts. It's a major turn-off of your service. A regressive step. Makes me want to go bank to the older version.
Numbers automatically turn into date with latest update (issue with intelligent inline adding)