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Collaborator Completed Task does not notify
New/customisable widget !!!
How can you save completed tasks and not have them show on the list but to refer to later?
[Android] Sort Tasks by Date within Projects ?!
Парсер Todoist искажает текст задачи.
Строки типа "11 дней назад вс 25 янв." на экране "Сегодня"
Make optional automatic date insertion during adding of a task text
Google Calendar events not updating
Sorting tasks by priority
Notifications not working
Content of email added to ToDoist notes/comments
Todoist Gmail/Google Calendar Integration available for Andriod Tablet running Cyanogenmod?
Google Maps links not working on Android
Сортировка задач в проекте
Множество неудобств на экране комментариев
New android app. BAD
Filters not working correctly
Can i have a credit in my account?
Checked Tasks reappear when clicking on another list item
Widget text size (It's huge...)