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Outlook Plugin on the high-density displays
why can I not set the project list to automatically alphabetize? currently, I have to start a project and then manually drag it into alphabetical order??
Adding new tasks to the top of the list
Версия 704 - исчезли все задачи
v700 Bug Report - Right-click Inconsistency
Please make Today and Next 7 Days same as Inbox so that you can drag into other Projects
Outlook issue - Double image
The latest Outlook plugin released today is a horrible MESS. The display issue trash all usability.
Outlook Crash using Google Login
Incorrect Badge count - Solved!(?)
Latest version ( opens email unexpectedly
another week start, are you working to help us on the multi-line feature?
Possible to Edit Date in Completed Tasks??
Can I mark a task complete a few days ago?
Suggestion hide completed
Неправильная синхронизация с Календарем Google
символ вместо @
Web: Некорректная работа кнопки присвоения метки (@)
[Bug] Количество завершенных задач
web app quick add - cannot tab past date in popup?