MacOS Questions
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Question marks all over ToDoist
Suggestion - Recurring Dates - option for double date
Label multiple tasks
How to Complete a Recurring Task
Add Comments when Creating a Task
Why won't the attachment open in the app?
can't move tasks or check off task when completed . . .
Slack Integration
I'd like like for completed tasks to stay visible. It's as important to me to see what tasks I have finished as to see what I have to do ahead on a project. I know I can click to see put it slows down my work flow when I easily are working on 20-30 different "projects". Thanks.
Assigning tasks to multiple people
200 limit on tasks for premium users
Can we have standard cursor control within text fields?
Can't exit maximize mode on Mac
Shortcuts (Quick Add Task) does not work at all
Premium costs more when renewing via Mac App?
Preventing automatic inclusion of diary appointments as tasks.
Interface defects
Labels missing
Best way to keep up with tasks that have a due date in the future, but you need to work on them now