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Complete task in notifications bar breaks sync
Sharing Tasks - Users get different dates
Looks like natural dates don't work anymore in french (like "auj" or "dem"... "tod" or "tom" is working fine...)
Have a problem to start with the app in the computer since I made the latest upgrade in sep 23
New version freezes directly after start (when trying to sync)
Not work in Mac OS! (el CApitain)
Sub tasks stay crossed off when the parent task is reoccuring
Disappearing subtasks
Mac App UI Compact option please
can i bypass 'smart' dates? this "improvement" is making me crazy
Planner Events generated by todoist
I always get logged out.
The Mac app is not updating the counter of tasks.
Latest update formatting issue
CTRL + Q quick add problem
Desktop Notifications as default
The + for new tasks freezes the app many a times when i open my mac after sleep while the todoist was in bg mode.
Labels placed at front on text
New version of Mac App extremely unstable
Sorting within projects