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I know I asked this a year ago but... Chromebook app still can't attach Google Drive docs
Tasks lost!
Can't add new label
Human dates for schedule partially case sensitive
Huge bug when adding multiple tags
Gmail confusion
Human Dates - Can I turn this functionality off
What happened to the easy way of bolding AND underlining? I used to be able to highlight any words in any task, hit control-b, and it would be bold. Then highlight the same text , do control-u, and the text would also be underlilned. That does not seem to work anymore.
Chrome chrashing
Blank TD panel in chrome
Questions and Comments About New Design
Tab Between Fields No Longer Works
Keyboard Shortcuts Broken
Calender problem
Reminders for recurring tasks
Remove chrome extension counter badge?
Is every collaborator supposed to be emailed when an unassigned task is completed? If so is there a way to set this up?
Updates could not be synced to Todoist servers
Any idea why I seem to be getting so many of these Critical sync issues?