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Suggestion: Filter Title should show its Name, not its Query
Non-http links in "text":(link) style hyperlink.
Not able to clear tasks. When I check the complete tasks, there is a left hand continuing bar window that pends but does not clear the tasks. It is mostly doing them on recurring monthy tasks on the desktop Chrome use. O my cell phone app, when I check completed, the tasks do not go away
How to filter shared projects by week?
iCal creating full-day events
Persistent Add Task Button
The quick schedule icons? weekend and remove?
200 Task Limit
after last update recurring task never completes
iOS app doesn't complete recurring tasks
Fechas periĆ³dicas
Notes don't sync from desktop do Andriod
Left Handed Option
Can't set location reminders on web
Android application doesn't seem to connect
discart time bug (android)
Default view
Todoist automatically adding time to tasks. Please help!
Issue with Recurring Dates
Wrong Google Drive Account in Attachment Screen