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Batch edit
Is there a way to delete due dates from multiple tasks?
Completed tasks are not being counted.
New feature addition/suggestion
Todoist - limite de 200 projets - version affaire
Sync not working on iphone, running 8.4.1
Clicking an email task created by CloudMagic or GMail opens iOS mail app
Swipe to delete
No Delete in App
project vs task
login to sunrise calandar
Can't get tasks to sync with Evernote
ipad air2 에서 error massage?
Напоминания через день
Printing from IOS Todoist App
Can you mark a recurring task "not completed"...?
Option to disable Karma and ""tasks completed" display.
11:59PM is getting assigned
How to view next task for all projects
❶Attach more than one pictures ❷add new task between existing tasks (premium version)