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Alarm reminder recipe for a task in todoist in ifttt
why the number in the title become a date?
Premium Upgrage
Is it possible to mark a task as complete, and also add it to recur in a week?
Todoist App Support for Amazon Fire Phones and Tablets
Repeating child-tasks with parent?
Uhm, hello?!
Accidental completion by swiping results in large annoyance - I propose several possible fixes.
Disable predictive dates
Three features in UI/UX
Label Inheritance?
Data file storage
Can't suppress treating "April" as a date (instead of a name)
How can I disable inline auto fill?
Begin task with a number?
Date bug
Setting a reminder for the assignee of the task
Кнопка НАПОМНИТЬ (snooze) в шторке ушла за края экрана
How do I see the history
Please add feature: Tasks automatically change project when conditions apply