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Karma Stats?
Google agenda syncing doesn't seem to work well
"Tous les" and "Chaque" have the same behavior
Can't see font.
todoist doesnot run properly after last update
Bug: Date chooser remains open when quick-adding tasks
Bug: Can't jump from Date Field to Project with Tab in Quick Add
Calendar bug(s) after entering task
In the left page, where it says how many Tasks, can it show how many are for me?
Проблема с отображением большого списка задач
Outlook Plugin on the high-density displays
why can I not set the project list to automatically alphabetize? currently, I have to start a project and then manually drag it into alphabetical order??
Adding new tasks to the top of the list
Версия 704 - исчезли все задачи
v700 Bug Report - Right-click Inconsistency
Please make Today and Next 7 Days same as Inbox so that you can drag into other Projects
Outlook issue - Double image
The latest Outlook plugin released today is a horrible MESS. The display issue trash all usability.
Outlook Crash using Google Login
Incorrect Badge count - Solved!(?)