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Last update not working on Windows
Examples for new natural language commands in Todoist 10 update (web, Android)
Long-finished ghost tasks reappear in ios v10?
Will todoist upgrade to version 10 like other IOS apps? And if so how do I see what version I have now?
Todoist V10 - Project Issue
Can you add actions such as inserting a telephone number to call?
No filters after update
Are updates automatically applied? If not, how do I obtain the update?
Todoist 10 crashes
iOS 10 - Share Menu missing projects
Emodji symbols
Nice job on 10 - one big request
Automatic reminders stop working
Shared projects continue to have sync issues
Add E-mail and share it with co-worker doesn't work
The Word "Outlook" on tasks added from Outlook
Issue with Ampersand in task name
Unwanted automatically changing tasks
Project Templates are listed on the upgrade benefits screen. I do not see it as a help topic. Please indicate how to initiate.
Karma Calculation