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Intent for changing widget filter
How can I filter by label in the mobile view?
Is it finally possible to sort labels? I have many categories which I use as labels, and dorting them out is a "must have" and not a "nice to have". Many people has been asking for this, but it seems that the development team doesn't care. I was a PREMIUM member, but because of this, I cancelled my subscription renovation. Let me know if clients are important to you, and therefore you have added this funcionality. Until that time, unfortunately, I decided NOT to continue as a premium user.
Is there a filter for tasks without any label and not assigned?
Tasks without lable
Sync - adding items back as open that closed 6 days ago
Notification and Projec not found
Can I edit a task all in 1 step?
Has it already been made possible to sort labels?
Drag and drop sub task (task indention) creation ...
Default Notification for Assigned Tasks
I can't see the task list display on my Todist for windows
Layout Calendário
When is the ios8 widget coming?
iOS App not refreshing
Editing/Interacting with Visualizations for Completed Tasks
Todist Window Problem!!!
Como retirar uma etiqueta
Will it do both location and time?
Send task via email to a third party - not Todoist user