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Outlook Plugin Broke my Outlook
How do you promote/convert a task into a project?
Etiketten werden teilweise nicht gefiltert
Can you add a warning for deleting a task that has dependent tasks?
200 tasks per project maximum
I can no longer move tasks by dragging them.
Labels & Customer Filters not working
filter not working
Reminders (via ios notification) are not working with recurring tasks
On my iPhone 6 the start up screen text is to large to sign in. Tried tapping and using different swiping movements but cannot shrink the size to be able to unlock the phone with the passcode..Tried rebooting
How create a desktop version [ikon] of todoist
Labels are randomly disappearing
New feature request: Multi-select dragging task to project (illustrated with screencast)
Syncing problems
Searching for "Mixer" gets unexpected Results
В iOS задачи из gmail открываются в Safari
Синхронизация задач с google календарем
trying to install cal - i get a strange error message and can not install
Gelöscht und doch noch vorhanden
Mein App startet, bleibt aber nur im Lade-Modus