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have ipad, iphone & windows desktop sync. Just bought mac & can get it to synce through app. Can see it sync through safari but then i can't use safari for anything else. what am i doing wrong?
Share accès with My cleints
Notes on quick add
Sort - newest items at top
time range, calendar (all platforms)
Lotus Notes - email to Todoist
Disable shortcut
Start screen
Can't uncheck, accidentally checked tasks
Weekly task Integration Script v9
How can I install Todoist in Outlook for Mac?
Could we please have a "Duplicate Task" function? If not, why not?
filters :to_others
Do you have any plans to integrate with other task / project management apps - specifically Asana?
How can i filer tasks by people assigned?
Option filter by labels doesn't work,
Multiple email addresses
Todoist Integrations with Evernote
OneDrive File Access & Chat Functionality