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Report for tasks assigned to reigstered individual -- organized by date.
New Feature Request: Duplicate Task
I can add my boss to a todolist project, but when she accepts she sees none of the actions listed?
Filter option
Don't get all e-mail notifications
How do I know how many tasks my employeer has?
Unable to connect???
Email Reminder - Feature Request
Sorting of Filters on iOS
Not recieving tasks assigned to me.
We are finding that our project collaborators cannot see tasks in projects that they have been assigned to this is a team wide problem across all platforms please help.
Recurring tasks completion history
Can you make the PC and Android icons the same?
when i assin any task to my staff he can view my all task on his toist . i want that he could only see the assigned task instead of viewing my all task on todoist how can i check this
How do I change email address?
Can I add PDF files to a TASK?
Open and completed tasks
Change from Premium to Business