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I I subscribe today, is my pricing grandfathered in? (or could it go up in the future)?
Please add "select all" support
Filter by time and project
Upgraded to premium. Now MacOS Mavericks client crashes on starup
Bug with a smiley <3 --> &lt;3
how I printed my completed tasks
paid for premium a couple months ago and it worked. now telling me I should upgrade and it took away premium features
Feature request: colapsible 'no firther tasks today'
Tasks grouping
Location-based reminders override scheduled date of the task
is there a way to get desktop notifications with Firebox browser? I noticed Chrome does it.
Remove authorization to external apps
does not work
Choose several labels by pressing Ctrl button
Send a new task to todoist incl. project and subproject
problem with search
Re: I'm here to help you get the most out of Todoist Premium
New New user, I share a project, I assign a task. The project appears in the todoist of the assignee but not task.
problem with shared project