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"Doing now" section
Solution to Item Limit for Tasks without Projects
Is there a help page for emailing tasks?
Template Dates
If I don't like grey, can I change any of the colors in the Browser (Firefox & Chrome)
refreshing problem
Refresh Issues
Filter - Assigned to Others / Me
Can I find difference between Todoist versions?
there's got to be a simpler way to enter in for a today time - is there.?
One task but several fixed dates yearly
Can't set time to recurring tasks
Search notes and task headingsa
API - syncAndGetUpdated is not fetching data with changes
Refund please
Is there a way to synch todays tasks with Apple's reminders
API - Todoist Sync API v5 - Query
Not receiving reminder motifications; SMS test does not go through for any of the choices. It does go through for the mobile phone test.
Hi I am new user and didn't find this in the questions. Is there a way to add new queries to the menu besides "inbox", "Today", "Next 7 Days"? For instance, I want to see all homework to do this week including studying for tests that are scheduled more than 1 week in the future. I can sort of do this do this by creating and assigning custom labels to tasks .
Setting up a reminder email...