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SMS text issue
SMS Reminders not working
Email als Aufgabe
Hi, I want to be able to use todoist to share an Action list of numerous on-going tasks with my boss so that we can both access the same document and edit it and we are both able to receive the updated information on our pc, ipad and iphone... is that possible?
Can we bring back the loading circle icon?
Is it possible to delete a assigned label?
Search doesn't work for completed tasks
Can you set a default owner in a project?
Is it possible to have an email sent to a non todoist user when a task is complete?
Viewing Completed Tasks assigned to others
Todist Not in List of Apps set for Location Reminders
Tasks won't stay on assigned day
Feature request: support keyboard shortcuts
I am not able create filters based on projects and sub projects
Ability to disable menu animation?
Amazon Fire
Cannot download app to kindle fire hd
I want to hook up my todoist account with my gmail and to do so I need to type in my gmail password. For security reasons, I'm uncomfortable doing that if todoist knows or keeps my gmail password in their database. I assume not, but jut checking.
Please support Drag and Drop tasks into Today or Next 7 days
How do I save a yahoo or work email as a task?