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GMail plug-in not working with preview pane
Windows are too narrow. I must scroll to see even the simplest info. Why are the windows not compliant with standard Apple protocols.
Complaint: all the instructions are done with videos. We live in an RV and have very limited bandwidth. Could you please add instructions in text as well, or at least provide a transcript.
Outlook add-in steals focus from Outlook breaking shortcut keys
Dropbox sign in failure
Filters not loading
Text formatting not working in Mac notification center
Location-based reminders are useless if they come up when the task isn't due
Acesso a minha lista
Gmail plugin for firefox does not load.
Connection betweeni mac and ipad
Premium email
Should my app updated without being promoted?
'Off' days still count towards overdue tasks
Can't use iOS app because I don't have the latest tech
Font size
Undo completed tasks
How to move a task forward while leaving the next recurrance intact
Upcoming Feature?
Yearly reminders off by five days