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Please add "select all" support
Filter by time and project
Upgraded to premium. Now MacOS Mavericks client crashes on starup
Bug with a smiley <3 --> &lt;3
how I printed my completed tasks
paid for premium a couple months ago and it worked. now telling me I should upgrade and it took away premium features
Feature request: colapsible 'no firther tasks today'
Tasks grouping
Location-based reminders override scheduled date of the task
is there a way to get desktop notifications with Firebox browser? I noticed Chrome does it.
Remove authorization to external apps
does not work
Choose several labels by pressing Ctrl button
Send a new task to todoist incl. project and subproject
problem with search
Re: I'm here to help you get the most out of Todoist Premium
New New user, I share a project, I assign a task. The project appears in the todoist of the assignee but not task.
problem with shared project
Windows Tablet version
Russian timezones