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Option to set alarms, not just reminders
remind me in 0min before due
shere photo
free version android platfomr
minha versãO Premium por 1 mes
Task level
No automatic sync on Android
Convert emails as Tasks in Todoist from Gmail and/or Apple Mail
No reminder whatsoever in the free app?
Почему программа переносит даты и время?
Feature request
Overdue Items each with Headline, why?
I want to disable completing tasks by swiping
Recurring tasks are being displayed a day later
Pay via Google Wallet
I can't add reminder for "Today" date and time. Todoist tell me, it is too late.... Whyyy?
When will it be possible to add missed calls to to-dos?
Can't set future reminder?
done tasks appear in app and don't disappear after sync
Family and Premium