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multiple accounts, switching between accounts
Timezone's problem
Why can't I download Todoist from the Amazon App Store
Can you please make sure that @tags (ettiketter) is location aware
I purchased the premium before I took advantage of the one free month upgrade. Will I receive a month free (i.e. my start date is one month from today?)
synchronization problems
Tasks independently change the time and date of the execution
After change to winter-time, all tasks were moved a day ahead in schedule
Someday folder
Shortcuts to Projects
Changed during the three tasks for today and they were gone
Wrong weekdays name in Spanish
Wrong dates of taks (next day, day before, or just not the correct date)
Feature Request: Sort Taks List
Seeing Finished Tasks
Tasks appeared "completed" automatically after disabling trial premium feautures some
task due every 3 months
Right dates in Windows 8, wrong date display in Android Smart phone
Ability to close the task in the comments
Na web permite "sair", mas no android não. Como fazer para usar várias contas do gmail no androiod sem ter que compartilhar os projetos?