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синхронизация с Pocket
поиск во входящих командах(teambox)
I can use as "chat" in the projects?
restaurar backup completo
Copy text into a note
Resolution on Surface Pro
Feautre Request: Percent Complete/Status Column
Reoccurring task: the option in a German version for "nach 3 Tagen" instead of "alle 3 Tage" doesn't work anymore. The automatical reminders are jus a mess.
Choosing which projects appear in ical feed
Unwanted addition of time when adding tasks on iOS 7
Pagamento Premium
Todoist not integrating both ways with Google Calendar
How do you create a subtask from a task in a project?
Reminders of completed tasks remain in Notification bar
Filter created on web not working in iOS
Filtered searches
OSX app adds a due time to every new task (without permission)
Every morning my version asks for the same update: Version 353. I apply it and it asks the same thing the next day.
Wenn ich eine Erinnerung in der Form "täglich um 18:00 ab 1 Jun 2016" eingebe, erscheint in der Anzeige danach "jeden Tag um 18:00", die Angabe des Startdatums verschwindet in der Statusanzeige. Wird dieses dennoch beachtet? Wenn ja, wie kann ich das irgendwie lesbar machen ?
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