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Unable to fill task title from clipboard with new design
Email not opening on iPhone
custom filters not working
Todoist PIN code block?
Set reminder for 2nd workday of each month?
No Button
blank box no data via gmail or td icon. Shows as installed on my extensions for chromebox
Airmail for MAc plugin
Not synching
Support for BOX
Feature Request for font size adjustments
See Task Creation Date
Is there a shortcut to jump from the Gmail plug-in to Todoist Web
How do I specify the daily "day" hours?
small but useful feature lost with new version: display of number of tasks in filter
Trying desperately to figure out how to see completed tasks.
App STILL adds 11:59 PM to task name no matter what...
Feature required: Screen Widget Icon to show number of pending tasks in a todo list
Can't add location reminder using mac app