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[bug]: cursor jumps to the beginning of the task field when entering data
Can't close the opened bar in Gmail integration, refering to the extension todoist for gmail
I was really excited to try your to do list, but when I went to jot something down, your site informed me that I had to up grade. Bummer! I just removed your download.
Cursor is moved to beginning of task when adding new task
When adding a quick task in Inbox, it wants to make a new label Inbox (Postvak IN)
how do I move a task out of inbox and make it a regular project?
New priority color scheme makes them hardly distinguishable
Can't stay log in
Unable to copy text
"Invalid or Missing CSRF token"
Todoist for Business - transfer my payment from premium to biz. main account v.s users...
No Synch on Chome
Cores para projetos
No Syncing to my G Calendar
Calendar Syncing with Google
Link title encoding
I have not been able to sync my windows, web, chrome todoist with my up to date mobile app todoist for about four days now. Why not???? What can I do????
Find tasks without any active sub-tasks
Todoist Extension "No Tasks For Today" picture too large